Giomar Blanco

Representative in Venezuela

Carlos Barrero

Alternate Representative in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the founding countries of FONTAGRO in 1998 with a contribution of US$ 12.0 million. During the 22 years of membership, Venezuela has participated in 26 consortiums that represent a total of US$ 23.2 million, of which US$ 7.2 millions were contributed by FONTAGRO and other agencies. Venezuela has led 1 consortium for US$ 2.2 million. The projects in which Venezuela has participated have included research and technological development in potatoes, rice, bananas, bananas, corn, beans, fruit trees, aquaculture, among others.


Some important results are:

  1. Interspecific hybrids and elite papaya and tobacco genotypes were identified.
  2. Extracts of plants and fungi were obtained that reduced diseases and increased banana yields by 120 % , under controlled conditions.
  3. The reduction in the use of nematicides in fields of banana producers was achieved.
  4. The banana value chain was strengthened by developing technological innovations to reduce the use of agrochemicals, achieving a 25 % reduction in chemical fertilizers, 30 % reduction in total costs in the management of Sigatoka, and 75 % in the costs of systemic fungicides for control of Sigatoka (from 12 to 3 applications).
  5. 34 varieties of native potatoes were characterized in Venezuela and 573 in the Andean region and their use was promoted through seed and gastronomic fairs.
  6. Practices were developed for the management of native potatoes that allow to increase their productivity from 20 to 24 %.


  1. The Regional Consortiums increased the efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation, strengthening the capabilities of researchers.
  2. Technical, organizational and institutional strengthening at national and international level.
  3. Access to alliances with CIAT, CIP, CIMMYT, Bioversity / INIBAP, CATIE, CIRAD – France, EMBRAPA – Brazil, INIFAP-Mexico, INTA – Argentina, CORPOICA – Colombia, GIA – Chile, INIAP – Ecuador, INIA – Peru, PROINPA – Bolivia, UNAN – Nicaragua, IDIAP – Panama, IDIAF – Dominican Republic, among many others. Through them we have also obtained access to multiple international cooperation networks such as the Latin Potato Network where institutions from more than 11 countries participate at a global level, PROMECAFE, CGIAR, etc.
  4. FONTAGRO projects generate privileged and free access to technologies, contacts, publications, case studies and international networks.


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