Raul Jaramillo Velastegui

Representative in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the founding countries of FONTAGRO in 1998 with a contribution of US$ 2.5 million. During the 22 years of membership, Ecuador has participated in 35 consortiums that represent a total of US$ 32.8 million, of which US$ 10.1 million were contributed by FONTAGRO and other agencies. INIAP of Ecuador has led 4 consortiums with US$ 5.4 million. The projects in which Ecuador has participated have included research and technological development for potatoes, corn, rice, fruit, beans, livestock, climate change, among others.

Some important results:

  1. The existence of black Sigatoka isolates with resistance to fungicides in banana plantations was demonstrated.
  2. Increases in the productivity of native potatoes by 20 % were achieved through better technologies.
  3. 120 native potato varieties were characterized in Ecuador and 573 in the Andean region.
  4. Platforms were organized for the production, transformation and commercialization of native potatoes, adding value through the development of new products (gourmet potatoes, colored leaflets, dehydrated purées and
    others), and reaching more sophisticated markets. The price of native potatoes is 2.5 times more than the price of traditional varieties.
  5. 14 accessions of Mora de Castilla and two elite naranjilla clones were selected for further multiplication and evaluation.
  6. A new variety of naranjilla (INIAP-Quitoense 2009) was released, with higher fruit quality and resistance to pests and diseases. This variety is already being marketed by private companies.
  7. Local-cultivars of ppaya with commercial potential were recovered.
  8. Numerous studies of resistance and compatibility of grafting of tree tomato and naranjilla in wild Solanaceae were carried out.
  9. Numerous professionals and producers were trained in the different projects.



  1. The platforms increased the efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation, strengthening the capacities of researchers.
  2. Technical, organizational and institutional strengthening at national and international level.
  3. Access to partnerships for projects with institutions such as CIP, CIAT, CIMMYT, Bioversity / INIBAP, CATIE, National University of Colombia, CORPOICA (Colombia); IICA-PRODAR, INIA (Chile), PROINPA (Bolivia); Central University of Venezuela, and many others. Through them we have also obtained access to multiple international cooperation networks such as the Latin Potato Network where institutions from more than 11 countries participate at a global level, the CGIAR, among others.
  4. FONTAGRO projects generate privileged and free access to technologies, contacts, publications, case studies
    and international networks



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