Dominican Republic

Eladio Arnaud Santana

Representative in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is one of the founding countries of FONTAGRO in 1998 with a contribution of US$ 2.5 million. During the 22 years of membership, the Dominican Republic has participated in 29 consortiums representing US$ 30.4 million, of which US$ 8.9 million were contributed by FONTAGRO and other agencies. The Dominican Republic has led 2 of these consortiums with US$ 1.1 million. The projects in which the Dominican Republic has participated have included research and technological development for coffee, corn, honey, bananas, beans, avocados, bananas and livestock, and other important issues for agricultural development, such as climate change.


Some important results:

  1. Reduction in the use of nematicides for the cultivation of bananas that will contribute not only to reduce costs but also to protect the health of agricultural workers.
  2. Sweetpotato varieties with higher yield than traditional varieties were released, as well as double-purpose varieties for human and animal consumption, which will contribute to the food security of the population.
  3. Animal feeding systems were designed based on the use of sweetpotato foliage, using a product that was previously discarded, contributing to reduce animal feed costs.
  4. Different extracts of plants and fungi were tested, which reduced banana diseases and contributed to increase yields by 120 % under controlled conditions, which has a potential commercial use.
  5. The banana variety FHIA 21 was selected through participatory methods, adapted to the agroecological conditions and production systems prevailing in the country.
  6. Trichoderma endophytic strains were isolated from ten farms for use in pest control.


  1.  The platforms increased the efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation, strengthening the capacities of researchers.
  2. Technical, organizational and institutional strengthening at national and international level.
  3. Access to partnerships for projects with CIP, CIAT, Bioversity International / INIBAP, IRD (France), CIRAD – France, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (New Zealand), CATIE, PROMECAFE, IICA, EMBRAPA (Brazil), INIFAP (Mexico) CORPOICA (Colombia), INTA (Argentina), FONAIAP (Venezuela), CORBANA (Costa Rica), IDIAP (Panama), INIAP (Ecuador), National Agrarian University La Molina (Peru), INIA (Chile), National University of Colombia and others. Through them, we have also obtained access to multiple international cooperation networks such as the CGIAR.
  4. The FONTAGRO projects generate privileged and free access to technologies, contacts, publications, case studies and international networks.


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