Edgar Esteche

Representative in Paraguay

Orlando Noldin

Alternate Representative in Paraguay

Paraguay is one of the founding countries of FONTAGRO in 1998, with a contribution of US$ 2.0 million. During the 22 years of membership, Paraguay has participated in 19 consortia for a total amount of US$ 18.2 million, of which US$ 5.4 million were contributed by FONTAGRO and other agencies. The projects have included research and technological development on wheat, cassava, organic production, information and monitoring systems for risk management in agricultural production, strategies for climate change, among others.

Some important results:

  1. Wheat varieties with high industrial quality and greater resistance to diseases have been developed.
  2. Methodologies for a more efficient selection of wheat germplasm resistant to Fusariosis were defined and standardized.
  3. Potential sources of resistance of adult plants to wheat rusts were identified.
  4. Methods and tools were developed to establish an information and monitoring system for the evaluation of risks in agricultural production.
  5. The most important characteristics of wheat cultivation were identified with yields higher than the average in the Itapúa crops (101 %) and in IAN (108 %).


  1. Regional consortia increased the efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation, strengthening the capabilities of researchers.
  2. Technical, organizational and institutional strengthening at national and international level.
  3. Access to partnerships for projects with leading institutions such as the International Center for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat (CIMMYT), International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), EMBRAPABrazil, INIA-Uruguay, INTA-Argentina, INIA-Chile, INTA- Costa Rica, University of Córdoba-Colombia, etc.
  4. Through them, access has been obtained to multiple international cooperation networks such as PROCISUR, the CGIAR, etc.
  5. FONTAGRO projects generate privileged and free access to technologies, contacts, publications, case studies and international networks.


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