FONTAGRO is an alliance of 15 countries whose governance operates through a Board of Directors and a Technical-Administrative Secretariat led by an Executive Secretariat.

FONTAGRO has a President and a Vice President, elected annually from among the members of the CD, and together with the Executive Secretariat, they make up the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors is the FONTAGRO’s highest governing body. All member countries will have a seat in the Board of Directors by means of an appointed representative and an alternate representative, both duly accredited by the relevant national authorities. The representatives have proven experience in research and technological innovation in the sector.

The Board of Directors has a President and a Vice President, elected by the member countries by consensus or by voting, if necessary. Their term of office is one year, and it is renewable for an additional period.

The Secretariat is the technical support and administrative body. It is directed by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the Board of Directors, and elected through an international open competition for a three-year renewable term.