Costa Rica

Sr. José Roberto Camacho Montero

Representative in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been part of FONTAGRO since its foundation in 1998 with a contribution of US$ 0.68 million. During the 22 years of membership, Costa Rica has participated in 49 consortiums for a total amount of US $43.8 million; of which US$ 13.6 million were contributed by FONTAGRO and other donors . Costa Rica has led 15 consortiums with US$ 12.7 million. The projects have included research and technological development for
livestock, rice, wheat, potatoes, citrus, fruit, fodder, risk management, use of water, adaptation to climate change, among others. Some important results:

  1. The economic and competitiveness analysis of the agricultural sector of Costa Rica was carried out.
  2. An extension policy document was published to contribute to the sustainability of agriculture in the region.
  3. Local-cultivars of papaya with commercial potential were recovered.
  4. A guide was created for field identification of Smilax species for medicinal use.
  5. New technologies were developed for the management and improvement of the quality and health of soils cultivated with banana.
  6. Three varieties of rice tolerant to the mite-fungus-bacteria complex were commercially released, and three are in the process of being registered, allowing the recovery of crops severely affected by the complex.
  7. Micro-insecticides were developed for the integrated management of the whitefly, achieving an efficiency of 60-88 % in fruit and vegetable crops.
  8. Three F1 hybrids (Central American, Millennium and Cassiopeia) clones of Coffea arabica were developed with significantly higher commercial yields (more than 30%), of the same quality as the best traditional varieties (eg Caturra) and adaptable at different altitudes.
  9. Numerous professionals and producers were trained in the different projects.




  1. Platforms increased the efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation.
  2. Technical, organizational and institutional strengthening at national and international level.
  3. Access to partnerships for projects with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the International Center for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat (CIMMYT), the International Potato Center (CIP) Bioversity, CATIE, IICA, CIRAD and IRD of France, the University of Texas A & M of the United States, Neiker of Spain, EMBRAPA of Brazil, INIFAP of Mexico, INTA of Argentina, and the Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Through these, we have also obtained access to multiple international cooperation networks such as the Latin Potato Network, where institutions from more than 11 countries participate at a global level, PROMECAFE, and the CGIAR.
  4. The FONTAGRO projects generate privileged and free access to technologies, contacts, publications, case studies and international networks.



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