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Published on CIAT ANNUAL REPORT 2018 (ASL).

The Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes (ASL) Research Area provides the science needed to sustainably intensify agriculture while simultaneously restoring degraded lands. ASL works toward this goal through three linked research themes: soils and water management, landscape restoration, and the study of ecosystem services and environmental impacts. This research can improve livestock management, maximize food production and provide ecosystem services to communities in ways that are efficient, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.

2018 witnessed the creation of this new and exciting research area at CIAT. Among the outlined initiatives it is included the following, supported by FONTAGRO:

Rice in Colombia

Irrigated rice production systems are important to livelihoods in Colombia. However, they are a source of greenhouse gases and are vulnerable to water shortages and high temperatures. ASL is implementing a new research project funded through the Regional Fund for Agriculture Technology (FONTAGRO) with partner organizations in Colombia (FEDEARROZ), Chile (INIA) and Perú (UNALM). The project aims to compare socioeconomic and environmental impacts of continuously flooded rice production systems with water-saving practices that eliminate the need for continually flooding fields. With proper implementation, these practices can save water, reduce greenhouse gas emission and maintain field productivity.


Read more about the project (Content only available in spanish):

Más arroz con menos emisiones y menor consumo de agua